This output is addressed to youth workers to support them in implementing quality service-learning projects, help them understand service-learning and develop a positive attitude concerning this strategy, and motivate them to use it.

The toolbox includes

1) Service-learning map – a large poster with graphically illustrated service-learning steps: version English, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia

2) Video presentation about Service-learning map - a short video explaining the map.

3) Posters for service-learning – they are ready-made flipcharts to support the planning and implementation of service learning projects, which can also be used in education.

4) Card game – with specific cards for each step containing questions and tips for project planning, reflection, setting goals, mapping needs, monitoring, etc.

5) Video presentation of the output.

6) Posters with individual stories of selected service-learning projects implemented during the EDUVOL project:


SL_posters from Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania.pdf