The output consists of two parts. The first part is training for youth workers in the service-learning strategy. The training, and its curriculum is prepared with primary data about the activity (name, goal, learning outcomes, participation criteria, duration, methods, and criteria for the trainer). The main objective of the training is to get to know and know how to use service learning in work with youth. The target group of the training is youth workers and pedagogical and professional workers who work with youth. The second part of the output – the manual for trainers, contains individual lessons and a detailed proposal of the methodology for their implementation.

The training has 11 lessons:

  • Topic 1 Introduction to the training;
  • Topic 2 Basics of Service-learning – concept and the differences between service-learning, volunteering, internships, and internships;
  • Topic 3 Principles of service-learning; 
  • Topic 4 Steps of service-learning and roles and tasks in individual steps of the project;
  • Topic 5 Identification of needs in service-learning projects;
  • Topic 6 Objectives of service-learning projects;
  • Topic 7 Creation of own plan;
  • Topic 8 Reflection in service-learning;
  • Topic 9 Monitoring and evaluation in service-learning;
  • Topic 10 Promotion, termination, and celebration in service-learning projects;
  • Topic 11 Training evaluation. Each lesson has its goal and duration, and each method contains a detailed description and necessary tools.

The manual's purpose is to support trainers who decide to implement service-learning training in youth work. Trainers should freely adapt the structure and methodology of the movement to their experience and also to the possibilities and abilities of the participants (i.e. the number of participants, their previous experience, etc.). The options are wide, from shortening the training, dividing it into several segments or modules, focusing on specific topics, units, and learning outcomes, or providing them using different techniques. Training can be done in person or online. The manual offers several options for activities for face-to-face and online meetings.


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