This guide aims to provide support to those youth workers who decide to implement service-learning in their organizations. The manual is divided into several chapters that give an overview of the critical issues related to the understanding and application of service-learning in youth work. The handbook is dedicated to youth workers in informal education but can also be used by primary and secondary school teachers from formal education. The contains both an explanation of key concepts and examples. The manual is intended to aid youth workers in implementing service-learning projects, even if they have not completed training.

The manual contains the following main parts:

1) Service-learning as an educational tool when working with youth;

2) Principles of service-learning in youth work,

3) Service-learning as a process;

3.1) Planning and preparation

3.2) Implementation;

3.3) Evaluation;

3.4) Celebration and Termination;

4) Assessment of needs in a service-learning project;

5) Goals in service-learning projects;

6) Monitoring and evaluation in service-learning;

7) Reflection in service-learning;

8) Promotion and communication about the service-learning project;

9) Service-learning online;

10) Examples of good practice from the EDUVOL project.


The manual for download: version English, CroatiaHungary, PolandRomania, Slovakia