Volunteering as an Educational Opportunity – EDUVOL

The project builds on the need to foster an international dimension in order to, on the one hand, motivate young people to engage and, on the other hand, enable youth workers to develop key competencies, sense of initiative and civic participation through one of the successful strategies widespread in the world, service-learning.

The general objective of the EDUVOL project is to enhance the competencies and opportunities of youth to participate in society fully (local, regional, country, and EU level), both economically and socially.


Specific objectives

  • to improve the quality and relevance of the education offered in the field of implementation of the service-learning strategy in youth work through the development of a training curriculum and related manuals adapted to the context of Central and Eastern European countries;
  • to enhance capacities of organizations and youth workers in implementing the service-learning concept in practice and possibilities of its implementation in cooperation with local as well as international youth volunteers;
  • to increase the quality of youth work primary in the area of youth volunteering;
  • to raise awareness about volunteering as an educational experience;
  • to create a better connection between solidarity service and learning in volunteering experiences of young people.



  • Training for youth workers in service-learning and handbook for trainers
  • Manual for youth workers how to implement service-learning in their work and good practice examples
  • Manual for youth how to develop service-learning projects
  • Facilitation Box for Service-learning


Project duration: 1.9.2019 – 31.5.2022